Update! (21 July)


Harmonix has finally announced that Dance Central Spotlight will be available on September 2! I’ll post the rules and registration details as soon as possible!!

In the meantime, you can take a look through the DC3 countdown submissions for some inspiration.

On another note, DCS Countdown’s Rules & Regulations as well as Registration Form will be available in Japanese and Chinese for the convenience of non-English speakers who wish to participate. Also, if enough people request for other versions, I’ll open a position for translators.

- isacchili

Dance Central Spotlight Countdown Update!


Hey, everyone!

As we all know, Dance Central Spotlight is the next upcoming title to the Dance Central series and is set to be released in September. And if you were wondering: yes, there will be a countdown for it.

Once Harmonix announces the release date, I’ll get right to registrations and day allocations. So keep a look out on updates from this blog and Flawless Freestyle!


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